The Internal Wall Removal Company Specialists in Open Plan Living
The Internal Wall Removal CompanySpecialists in Open Plan Living

Our philosophy

Every project is important to us. Regardless of its size and scope, The Internal Wall Removal Company throws the full weight of its team behind your project to deliver the results you've come to expect from us.

A Typical 2 day process.


Day 1  Protect the area to minimise dust.

            Draw the opening size to confirm correct size as agreed.

            Carry out the necessary ceiling inspections required as preparation.

            Begin the supporting pre work, and place props to support the house prior to the wall being removed.

            Remove wall (sometimes day 2) and remove rubble from area.

            Install padstones and steel beams.


Day 2  Carry out any electrical or plumbing alterations if required.

            Plaster walls to make good.

            Remove props.

            Gain sign off from the building inspector.

            Clean up.  


Building a lasting partnership

See your home in a new light

Our philosophy has served us well in the past, and it's what distinguishes us from all other builders. Your home is your biggest asset, removing any wall in your home can have severe consequences if the wall is not removed correctly, so, contact us today on and see how a relationship with The Internal Wall Removal Company will give you peace of mind that the work will be carried out safely.

Contact us today  to arrange a free survey and quotation  

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Fully insured

Most wall removals completed within two days

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